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No More Questions about Robert Griffin III Option


Washington Redskins fans can breathe a sigh of relief because Robert Griffin III’s option for the 2016 season was picked up. After some speculation about whether the team retain RG3 and give him the $16 million he would be owed if it was picked up, no one needs to wonder any more.

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This is good for RG3 because now he can focus on the off-season and getting used to the fairly new team once off-season work outs and training camp begins.

Here are some things to keep in mind as the draft approaches:

1. No need to Draft a Quarterback: With Robert Griffin III under contract for this year and next, the Redskins can look past drafting a Marcus Mariota  if he fell to number five overall. They have three quarterbacks on the roster already so they can focus on other skill positions of need.

2. The Organization is choosing to trust RG3: After dealing with several injuries, Robert Griffin III did not really have a chance to prove himself like he did his rookie year. Being injured didn’t help either. Only time will tell if he can get back to the same guy he was in 2012. The organization has faith in him and that should say a lot.

3. Both Head Coach and Quarterback are starting over: In year two, Coach Jay Gruden, has an opportunity to make up for a bad freshman season as a NFL head coach. With a fairly new team, both quarterback and head coach can rebuild as they try to do better than last season. The moves that were made on staff and to the roster are pushing the team in a new direction; Scott McCloughan has a lot to do with that.

Robert Griffin III can still be a great quarterback in this league. He’s had to battle a lot of adversity on and off the field but he can over come it if he works hard and refocuses on giving the best of himself to the team.