Washington Wizards make an appearance on TNT tonight


The Washington Wizards will head home tonight and try to win two straight games for the first time since February 9th. However, they will have to do so against one of the top teams in the league. At 45-19, the Memphis Grizzlies hold the second seed in the Western Conference and the third-best record in the NBA.

With that being said, they have earned the Wizards a right to perform on TNT for the first time in over seven years. Washington has been nationally televised five times this season, but not one of those contests came on the TNT network. They got their handful of games on TNT in the playoffs last year, but have yet to receive a TNT game in the regular season in quite some time.

They will finally get that opportunity tonight, and it could perhaps propel the Wizards to victory. Teams always seem to shine when they get a rare opportunity on national television. Let’s hope that motivation can help Washington out tonight.

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They will need all the help they can get against this Memphis team. The starting lineup is highlighted with the best big man duo in the league, featuring Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Both are veterans still playing at a high level, but Gasol has a little more youth.

At the age of 30, Gasol has been improving his game every single year since he stepped into the league. His points have gone up and up, and this year he has crushed his previous career-high in that aspect. The seven-year veteran is averaging a career-high 18 points (14.6 was his previous career-high), 7.9 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 1.7 blocks per game. Yes, he knows how to fill up a stats sheat.

His presence down low is what makes him special, but he has a very extensive game outside of the post. He has a very solid mid-range shot for a seven-footer and passes the ball very well. He takes after his big brother Pau Gasol, who has a very good all-around game as well.

The unsung leader of this team is starting point guard Mike Conley. He is not a flashy player, but puts up good numbers and knows how to lead a team just as well as anyone. Running a team with as much talent as the Grizzlies can be a tough task, and Conley does a great job of putting this team together.

The challenge at hand for the Wiz tonight is a big one. Memphis have a very deep roster and a ton of talent in their starting lineup. All Washington has to do is give the Grizzlies their 20th loss of the season and they will have done their job.

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