Lack of continuity leads to the Wizards downfall


The Washington Wizards snapped their six-game losing streak on Saturday night against the Detroit Pistons. However, it looks like they have gotten right back to their losing ways after falling to the Chicago Bulls by a score of 97-92 last night.

Washington did hang in there until the end, as they narrowed it down to a one-possession game with under a minute to go. They couldn’t quite complete the comeback attempt, but they lost that game early on rather than later. The continuity and chemistry from the first half of the season has been totally lost, which is why the Wizards have struggled so mightily over the last six or seven weeks.

Without Derrick Rose in the lineup, other players took over. The veteran power forward Pau Gasol has continued his very impressive season, recording 20 points and ten rebounds. Gasol is taking part in his 15th NBA season, and even at the age of 34 and battling through a number of injuries, he is putting up career-numbers this year.

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His 12.1 rebound-per-game average is a career-high, while he is also scoring 18.1 points per game and is shooting 50% from the field and 81% from the free throw line, which is third-best in his career.

It is quite incredible how a player that has had such a great career and has suffered so many injuries is playing this great at this stage in his career. He is essentially keeping this Bulls offense alive. I mean, just remember how hard of a time they had scoring last year without Rose. With Gasol, they are poised for a longer playoff run even without their star point guard.

Aaron Brooks lead all scorers with 22, while John Wall finished second with 21 points and 11 assists. It is quite evident that Wall is not the issue for Washington. He has been playing his tail off this season, and if the Wizards held a better record, he would probably be inserted into the conversation for the leagues Most Valuable Player.

The bench has struggled to score, and Randy Wittman has not managed the team well at all. If I were Ernie Grunfeld,  I would fire him at this very moment. A coach can’t play, but he can desperately help a team. In this case, the Wizards have some new and young players, and you need a decent head coach to put all the pieces together.

The problems in the Nation’s Capital are blatant, but they must be fixed. And although I keep on saying that, nothing has been done. This team has way too much talent to let it all go down the waste side.

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