Washington Wizards first half grades

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Marcin Gortat

One department that Gortat has an advantage over Nene in is when it comes to rebounding. Gortat has averaged 8.1 rebounds per game compared to Nene’s 5.1. He has also shot 54% from the field, which falls in as number 11th in the league.

The reason that he holds such a big advantage over Nene in the rebounding department is due to Nene’s athleticism, or lack there of. While Nene comes off as very limber and slow, Gortat uses his long arms to help him grab any board in his site. That is what has earned him a spot in the 2015 All Star game, which will take place tonight.

He is scoring 11.6 points per game, which is the fourth-best average of his career, and is shooting 71% from the free-throw line, which is the second-best percentage of his eight-year career. Trading a first-round pick for him payed off in every way, and it will continue to do so as the Wizards make their playoff run.

Grade: B

Bench grade: A-

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