Pierre Garcon is a legitimate number one receiver


The Washington Redskins struggles can’t be blamed on the wide receivers. After making a postseason appearance in 2012, the Redskins have had losing seasons in each of the last two years. They have totaled seven wins over the past two years, finishing with the second-worst record in both seasons.

However, they gave up a number of their first-round picks to the St. Louis Rams for the second overall pick in 2012. They obviously selected none other than Robert Griffin III with that pick. That is the reason that grabbing victories have been a challenge for them.

One position where the Redskins do have an advantage in is at the wide receiver position. Although their number one receiver is listed as DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon would be a number one receiver on 25 other teams in this league. Although he totaled just 752 yards in 2014, he also recorded 68 receptions.

He has been in Washington for three years. In his first season, he battled injuries throughout and participated in just ten games. When he did play though, his presence was felt. The next season, he played all 16 games and went off.

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Pierre Garcon battles to come up with new nickname for Washington Football Team
Pierre Garcon battles to come up with new nickname for Washington Football Team /


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  • He lead the league in receptions with 113 and finished eighth in receiving yards with 1,346. Clearly it didn’t have much of an impact though, as the Redskins finished the year with a record of 3-13. Ouch. But here’s the thing: receivers don’t win games. The Detroit Lions pose as a perfect example of this.

    They went 0-16 in 2008 with the best receiver in all of football. With that being said, no matter how many talented receivers you have, you need a quarterback to throw the ball to them. If RGIII does come back healthy this season, then the Redskins are in business.

    Just think how good the New England Patriots would be with DeSean Jackson on their team. I mean let’s be real, they won the Super Bowl with Julian Edelman as their number one receiver. Give them either Jackson or Garcon, and Tom Brady would have ended his career with six championship rings.

    However, Brady never had and will never have them as his receivers. They are Griffin’s, and he has to learn how to take advantage. He has two number one receivers on his team and totaled seven wins over the last two years. Though I won’t blame it on him as he is coming off of an ACL tear; if he doesn’t come through within the next few years, then fans should start worrying.

    However, RGIII is a talented guy and I am very confident in his ability. I think that he will come through for the Redskins eventually, but you guys already know that. I am a huge Robert Griffin III fan and I have stated that on a number of occasions.

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