Washington Wizards claim another overtime victory


The Washington Wizards continued their string of games against Western Conference opponents last night against the Denver Nuggets, and claimed a 117-115 victory in overtime.  This game was highly-contested throughout.

After the first quarter, the Wizards held a two point lead. After the second, the score was all knotted up. After quarter number three, Denver held a one point lead. And at the end of regulation, the score was obviously knotted up once again, leading the game into overtime. No one held a huge advantage throughout the entirety of this game.

However, the fact that Washington grabbed the victory shows that they have the ability to win close games on the road. Although Denver currently hold a record of 18-26, a large contribution to that is due to the fact that they play in the West. However, they really don’t have such a bad roster.

We all know how much talent power forward Kenneth Faried possesses of, or as we call him, the Manimal. However, the star of this team is the speedy point guard Ty Lawson, who led all scorers with 31 points last night, and dished out 12 assists. He is averaging 17 points, and is second in the league in assist with 10, only behind the one and only John Wall.

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Rounding out their starting five is Center Jusuf Nurkic, small forward Wilson Chandler, and shooting guard Arron Afflalo. I’m sure you have heard of two of those guys, but who in the world in Jusuf Nurkic? He was actually taken 16th overall by the Chicago Bulls in this past years draft, and got traded over to Denver. Ever since the departure of Timofey Mozgov, Nurkic has started nine games and has posed as a decent role player for Denver.

However, this article should really be more about the Wizards, and them becoming the sixth team in the NBA to grab their 30th victory on Sunday night. It has been an incredible season for Washington, who has 15 losses and has doubled their win total over half way through the season.

A player that will be interesting to look out for in this second half of the season for the Wiz will be veteran Paul Pierce. The 17-year veteran has averaged a respectable 12.8 points and 4.5 rebounds per game this season, but he has struggled a bit from three-point range recently.

It begs to ask the question as to whether his career is winding down or not. Well here is all that I know: Pierce will be vital for the Wizards down the stretch of this season, and in the 2015 postseason.

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