Washington Wizards appear on ESPN…. Again!


The Washington Wizards did not make one appearance on national television from 2009 through 2014. Tomorrow night, they will be displaying their talents to the whole world for the third time this year, and we are only in January. Washington isn’t just receiving these opportunities though, they have earned them.

The Wizards are officially one of the NBA’s big boys, and from now on, they will be one of those teams that gets talked about on ESPN and NBA.com on a daily basis. They have come a long way, and these appearances on the world wide leader in sports culminates how long of a way that they have come.

At 29-13, the Wiz currently hold the second seed in the Eastern Conference, while maintaining a one and a half game lead over the No. 3 seeded the Toronto Raptors. They have done what good teams do: Lay the hammer down on the weak teams, and defeat a good percentage of the tough teams that you play.

Tomorrow night, the Wizards will be hosting the Oklahoma City Thunder just a week and a half after traveling to OKC and falling short. Kevin Durant has had his name linked to Washington over the last five or six months. With him set to become a free agent after the 2016 season, speculation as to where he will land has been well underway.

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DC is a logical destination, as he was born and grew up in the Nation’s capital. And it’s not just people in Washington saying this. Experts from around the country have stated that the Wizards are the top landing spot for Durant. He was even quoted saying that the decision will ultimately come down to either returning to Oklahoma City or going to DC.

However, we still have well over a year before he even becomes a free agent, so let’s worry about the present before we boggle our minds over the future. John Wall and this very talented Washington team will be taking on a Thunder team that has struggled to stay healthy this season.

Both Durant and starting point guard Russell Westbrook have missed several games this season. However, they will be healthy for tomorrow night’s game, so Washington will have their hands full.

This will be the first of a five-game slate of Western Conference opponents for Washington. Following that, they will be hosting the Toronto Raptors. With that being said, this will pose as a challenging stretch for the Wizards, and it will be interesting to see how many of these games they can come out victorious for.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more on the Wizards vs. Thunder matchup!