Robert Griffin III is not going anywhere


After yet another sluggish year for the elusive Robert Griffin III, fans all around the country now want to know what is in store for this kid. Will he get cut? Will he get traded? Is his career really over yet or has he just been a victim of his ligament tears over the last couple of years?

Though more negative things have been said about RGIII than positive, I still think that the former second-overall pick is going to have a nice career.  Unfortunately due to the injuries that he has suffered, he will not be the next great thing like he was supposed to be. However, he is not a bust nor a failure like many people may suggest.

There is no question that the injuries have hurt him, and the numbers can prove that. In his rookie season, he had an ESPN QB Rating of 73.2 and a passer rating of 102.4. The combination of speed, accuracy, and the ability to throw the deep ball on the run helped Griffin total over 4,000 yards; while throwing only five interceptions, 20 touchdowns, and adding seven more on the ground.

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  • After playing in 15 games in 2012, the speedy Griffin tore his Achilles in the Wild Card round against the Seattle Seahawks. He participated in 13 games the following year, but did not nearly resemble the unstoppable force that he was in his rookie season.

    Over the last two season, Griffin has played in just 21 games, while throwing 20 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. Both his QB Rating and passer rating also took a huge hit in both those seasons, dropping by at least 40 percent from his rookie year.

    Even with all this occurring, I am still a believer in RGIII. I mean, cut the guy some slack. Not only did he tear his Achilles at the end of his rookie campaign, but he also dislocated his ankle in Week 2 of the 2014 season. At first, it looked like he would miss the entire year. He did manage to start seven games this past season, but by the time he returned, the Redskins were in too deep of a hole for him to dig them out of.

    No one with exception of Adrian Peterson comes back from a ligament tear and instantly has an impact. In fact, a lot of players have their careers ended by these types of injuries. So here is what I’m trying to say: Give the man some time, and don’t jump to conclusion so quickly.

    These injuries take time to recover from, and clearly most of the people in America fail to realize that. He has already been listed as a bust, failure, scrub and other names. Just shut up and give him some time. If he continues to perform like this without suffering any injuries, then you could tell me that I was wrong.