NFL Power Rankings by Matthew McConaughey


In this week’s edition of Cartoon Power Rankings, Matthew McConaughey stopped by to give his take on which teams are the best in the NFL.

The Interstellar star – see what I did there? – ranks your Washington Redskins as the 30th best team in the NFL.

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To quote McConaughey:

"“The Redskins are my team man, and I support them even in these troubled times. Not because I’m anti-Native American, but because I’m pro-loincloth. I’m wearing one right now."

Here’s how McConaughey ranked the other NFC East teams:

No. 8 – Dallas Cowboys – “I helped Tony Romo heal up some more over his Bye Week. I sent him some really powerful holistic sun tea.”

No. 11 – Philadelphia Eagles – “The reason for the Eagles’ struggles is that the color green is a bad influence on Mark Sanchez’s chakra. Also, it’s like Confucius said, “You can take the boy out of the butt fumble, but you can’t take the butt fumble out of the boy.”

No. 29 – New York Giants – “I really feel like the Giants aren’t going to become whole until they rid themselves of the materialistic, urban lifestyle that’s holding them down in The City. They need to get behind the feel of a Lincoln.”

To see more of what McConaughey had to say and where he ranked the other NFL teams, just watch the video below:

— The video is a parody, it’s not actually Matthew McConaughey.