Washington Redskins Political Blogger To Resign


Since the annoying chit-chat regarding the Washington Redskins and the possibility of changing their name began, the team has remained patient in their resolve of the problem. The lone chess piece moved throughout the back and forth battle was the hiring of a liberal political blogger to defend the Redskins name on June 26, 2014. Now, in less than two weeks, Ben Tribbett has announced via Twitter his plans to resign from the position.

"Today, Tribbett tweeted “I don’t want to be a distraction to the team as the political attacks have shifted towards being personal towards me.”"

This statement made clear how Tribbett was being personally attacked for his decision to work with the Redskins in hopes of a resolution to the on-going name change dilemma.

Although I personally feel bad for the man, the Redskins misplayed their cards in hiring Tribbett. Social media goers uncovered the bloggers past tweets that were considered by many as racist. Also, back in 2006,Tribbett posted a link on his personal blog to a list of racist slurs that happened to include the term “Redskin.” The Washington organization clearly missed the ball on this hiring and after two weeks both parties recognized their mistake.