Washington Wizards Trade Rights To Jordan Clarkson


The 2014 NBA Draft was a busy night for most NBA teams. This, however, was not the case for the Washington Wizards, who flew under the radar for much of the night, until they selected point guard Jordan Clarkson from the University of Missouri. Washington proceeded to trade the rights to Clarkson to the Los Angeles Lakers for two million dollars. The Wizards, who hope to retain the six or more upcoming free agents, had no need for a player at the pick and elected to trade the rights for disposable cash to spend on Marcin Gortat among others.

The Draft provided even more good news for Washington, who watched the Dallas Mavericks acquire Tyson Chandler lessening the competition to resign Gortat. Despite the rather boring night, the Wizards have an opportunity to sign many of the undrafted players including John Michael McAdoo, Markel Starks, and several more.

Last night showed many fans of the NBA that the night is really hit or miss. For some teams, it was a moment in the spotlight hoping to change their franchises fortune, but more many others it was rather irrelevant to their ultimate plan. The Wizards fell in the latter category and will focus more of their attention toward reloading for the 2014 season.