Washington Redskins Cancel Final Day Of Minicamp


“Practice? We’re talk about Practice” Yes, Allen Iverson, we are talking about practice and in this case the Washington Redskins cancelled their final practice of mini-camp. This decision appears to be a reward of sorts for the team’s exceptional attendance during the camp, and definitely benefits the older players on the roster. Essentially, this means the players and coaches with a brief off-season until training camp begins on July 24th in Richmond.

Around the League, this is a very common practice and no reason for Redskins fans to worry. Also, it could provide management with an opportunity to focus on the major issue surrounding the organization and that continues to be the Redskins name. The problem refuses to leave the media outlets and has been growing since arising earlier this year.

Despite the news revolving around the team, head coach Jay Gruden has managed to focus on the task at hand and has the Washington ready for July 24th. From here on out, however, it remains up to the players to maintain their shape and come into camp ready to turn around the Redskins franchise from their poor 3-13 2013 campaign. For all your Washington breaking news, tune in to alloverthehill.com.