Marcin Gortat Recommends Signing Caron Butler


With the future of the Washington Wizards roster hanging in the balance, the future remains uncertain. Center Marcin Gortat, small forward Trevor Ariza, and power forward Trevor Booker are each free agents as well as other key cogs to the Wizards machine. Despite Gortat’s impending free agency, he continues to suggest potential additions to head coach Randy Wittman.

His first advice was to sign former Wizards Caron Butler. Butler finished the 2013-14 season in similar fashion to Washington falling to the San Antonio Spurs as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The veteran forward averaged 10.5 points per game while contributing 25 minutes and hopes to remain on a title contender.

What better place to fit in than Washington? The Wizards face the reality of losing Trevor Ariza and Butler would be able to mentor last year’s third overall pick Otto Porter Jr. Also, the deal would potentially save Washington a large chunk of salary cap space in order to re-sign Gortat. Gortat’s proposal seems very realistic and with the array of signings yet to come what better place to bring back Butler than to his old home in the District of Columbia.