Washington Wizards Are Candidates To Land Kevin Love


The Washington Wizards enter this off-season with many questions. Who should the team re-sign, who should the team acquire, and possibly the biggest question how can we win an NBA title? One answer has already begun to surface from a very unlikely candidate and his name is Kevin Love.

No big man in the entire NBA has the skill set of Love. The three time all-star has the ability to pass, shoot from the outside, and rebound making him a hot commodity for any team. Despite Kevin McHale’s claims that the Minnesota Timberwolves will not trade him, the Washington Wizards have been added to the long list of possible suitors for sixth year player.

Washington appears to have snuck in on the potential trade talks and the team will have some cap flexibility if they decide to let Marcin Gortat and Trevor Ariza test the free agent waters.  Love could be a major addition to the Wizards roster and would completely alter the infrastructure of the franchise.

The deal would more than likely require a combination of future first round picks, Otto Porter Jr., Martell Webster, and a possible sign and trade of Trevor Ariza. He would bring a consistent outside threat that would replace Ariza while also displaying superior rebounding to Gortat. Still, the issue remains that Love is only under contract through 2015 and would require a maximum contract to stay in with his team. Washington would have the finances available to make the deal, but the price may be too steep for the Wizards tight budget.