Randy Wittman: Does He Deserve A New Deal?


In the National Basketball Association, the head coaching position may not hold the entire blue print to winning a league championship. The position, however, does help to motivate the filthy rich professional basketball players to sacrifice their ego and focus on uniting as one to win a championship. Current Washington Wizards head coach Randy Wittman may not be the most innovative x’s and o’s coach, but the skipper demands respect and had Washington just two wins away from the Eastern Conference Finals.

Wittman, 59, will enter is final season of a four-year contract and an extension may precede the 2014-15 campaign. Normally, players seem to tune out coaches that do not have reassurance that they will return next year making it imperative that a decision regarding Wittman comes soon. Wittman, however, is confident he will return to the team and that Ted Leonsis will grant him an extension. Prior to the year, Leonsis had labeled the 2013-14 season “win or else,” and the Wizards headman responded with Washington’s deepest playoff run in recent memory.

Still, Wizards management has yet to rush to any major decisions regarding the long-term with coach Wittman and the series of events will be determined in the near future. Washington looks conformable with the direction Wittman is taking them and it would appear Randy Wittman will remain in the District of Columbia