The Washington Redskins Welcome DeSean Jackson!


Late Tuesday night, the Washington Redskins put the icy on the cake of an excellent off-season by finally coming to terms on three-year deal with star wide receiver DeSean Jackson.  The courtship began as soon as the Philadelphia Eagles released Jackson when quarterback Robert Griffin III persuaded Jackson that he was in for something special within the Washington offense.

Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Then, the 27-year old visited Washington D.C. on Monday evening for a night of dinner and greetings with various members of the Redskins roster.  Although the negotiations had yet to begin, it appeared Jackson enjoyed himself enough to spend another night to allow Washington and Jackson’s agent to agree to terms.

The Redskins will now receive one of the National Football League’s most productive players having caught 356 passes over six years with the Eagles.  Too even further help his cause, Jackson has been known as an excellent punt and kick returner, a spot where Washington severely struggled.  Jackson is known across the league as a major long ball threat and has the statistics to back it up having made 35 receptions of over 40 yards since 2008.

The addition of Jackson immediately catapults the Washington offense into elite status, and will allow Pierre Garcon, who’s coming off of a 113 catch season, to be single covered opening up the entire offense.  If the Redskins are able to solidify the offensive line in order to allow Jackson to stretch the field, Washington fans are in for a treat.  Head coach Jay Gruden couldn’t have asked for more from Washington management and must be sitting with a smile on his face somewhere in the Washington area.  Please welcome the newest signing to the Burgundy and Gold: DeSean Jackson!