Get Your NCAA Bracket Tips Here


March Madness comes and goes with flurry each March and millions of brackets are completed in hopes of achieving “that perfect bracket.”  Here are three tips that each selector should apply when filling out their own brackets:

1)   Do your research.  Obviously there are thousands of statistics analysts throw at their viewing audience each March.  Its essential that fans decipher the relevant from irrelevant numbers.  Points scored and allowed are the obvious numbers, but remember to look beyond the obvious toward three point shooting, free throw, and field goal percentages when selecting who will make it to the sweet sixteen.

Mandatory Credit: Jim O

2)   Go with your gut.  When it boils down to your final decision trust your instincts.  At this point in the season, you’ve probably have seen most of the teams play during the regular season and trust your own eye test when making your final decision.

3)   Shooters get you to the round of 16.  As you very well know, anyone can win in the opening rounds, and most of these upsets occur when outside shooters get hot.  When picking upsets, focus on team’s top players as well as their three point shooting percentage because sometimes there are players no one can guard.

Good luck with your brackets; Each and everyone of you will need it with the large amounts of parity in the field.