John Carlson Finishes Strong Olympics


When John Carlson was selected as a member of Team USA Hockey, he and the rest of America expected the team to be playing yesterday for the gold medal.  This was not the case as Carlson and the United States struggled to find offense and fell at the hands of the vaunted Canadians.  What’s more troubling was Saturday’s loss in the Bronze medal game to Finland.  The United States looked completed uninterested and were subsequently dismantled by the weaker opponent.

On the other hand, Carlson continued his strong Olympics finishing with three shots between the final two games.  Carlson’s Olympics was highlighted by an early goal in a group matchup with Slovakia.  The United States now must wait another four long years for their rematch with Canada and a chance at the elusive gold medal.  Whether Carlson will be selected or not as a member of the 2018 team remains up for debate, but nonetheless, Carlson must wait his chance to top the Canadians.

Entering the Olympics, not much was expected of the 24-year Olympian, however, Carlson’s play spoke for himself and the team was impressed with his youthful exuberance out on the SoChi ice.  After the several week break, the Washington Capitals will resume their quest to qualify for the playoffs Thursday against the Florida Panthers.