Coming Soon: Bethesda Big Train Auction!!


Wooden bats, popcorn, a roaring crowd, and maybe a little “Cotton- Eye Joe.”  These are just a few of things fans are able to expect while attending a summer night under the lights at Shirley Povich Field.  The Bethesda Big Train is a member of the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League, and in their 15-year existence, has quickly risen to the top of College Summer League baseball.  The success can be easily correlated with the amazing experience fans have while attending games.   Fans are able to have all the fun of a Major League game at a quarter of the cost.

Themes, give-a-ways, and birthday parties highlight the approach General Manager, Adam Dantus, has taken to building a mainstay in the Washington area-sporting world.  As a non-profit organization, the Big Train donates all of their profits to building and rebuilding impoverished baseball fields in the DMV.  Over the years, a major asset Mr. Dantus and the Big Train have utilized in raising funds for the fields has been an auction.

Drew Storen (Above) will be one of the many stars in attendance.
In just 4 days,  the DoubleTree hotel in Bethesda will play host to the Bethesda Big Train’s fifteenth annual auction.  The auction will offer sports fans a wonderful opportunity to get their hands on some of Washington DC’s prized memorabilia.  The items range from a Bryce Harper autographed jersey to a 1980 Miracle on Ice team autographed photo.  All of the proceeds will benefit the Big Train’s mission to raise $50,000 for DMV baseball fields.  Finally, stars such as Nationals reliever Drew Storen, ESPN Announcer Tim Kurkjian, and former Big Train star Brennan Middleton will all be in attendance for the festivities.  For all those interested in attending this wonderful event, the auction begins at 5:00 p.m. and check out to get your tickets now! Go Big Train!