Ripken Jr. has “itch” to return to baseball


From childhood to present time, Cal Ripken Jr., the Baltimore Orioles, and the Washington Nationals have dominated the nation’s pastime in the Washington metropolitan area.  Cal Ripken and the Baltimore Orioles have gone their separate ways since Ripken Jr. retired from the game he loved in 2001, but several reports have stated that Ripken Jr. has the “itch” to return to baseball.

Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This period of Ripken Jr.’s career may start in familiar but different part of Maryland, as the former Oriole may team up with a new local team, the Nationals. During his career, The “Ironman” established himself as one of the all time great corner infielders.  Ripken’s intelligence and passion separated him from any other players, and after breaking Lou Gehrig’s age old record of consecutive games played, fans couldn’t help but love Ripken Jr..  For those of you that don’t already know, the Washington Nationals have an opening position at manager, and what better candidate than the man who put the state on his back several times throughout his twenty-one year playing career.  Nats fans are well aware that their are other options available for Ripken Jr., yet the possibility of having a local hero as their head skipper seems all but in their grasps.  Washington will begin their managerial search soon, but everyone knows the list begins and ends with the name Cal Ripken Jr.