RG3 reaches out to Harper for sliding help


Bryce Harper is known for his youth, exuberance, and hustle on the baseball field.  The twenty-year-old phenom has taken the MLB by storm in just his second season, and with the Washington Nationals out of the playoff hunt he may have another task on his hands.

Robert Griffin III (above) watches as a crucial fumble slips just out of his grasp

The Washington Redskins currently sit at 0-3, and are looking for answers.  Quarterback Robert Griffin III, another budding second year Washington sports star, tore his ACL just a season ago, and has had his fair share of troubles learning how to avoid contact while scrambling for extra yards.  This has contributed to the Redskins offensive troubles, as it seems RG3 has become cautious in and out of the pocket.

If there’s one thing Harper knows how to do it’s slide, and RG3 recognized this after reaching out to the aforementioned Harper for his help in perfecting the art of sliding.  The Redskins lost a crucial game to the Detroit Lions this past weekend, and a major topic of discussion was Griffin III’s decision to dive for additional yards instead of slide.  Griffin III lost the ball, as the ground caused the ball to squirt out, but because Robert dove instead of slide he was not ruled down allowing the Lions to take over possession.  RG3 reached out to Harper, Wednesday, asking for any help the Nationals outfielder could provide.  Maybe Harper’s help will give the Redskins the boost they need to notch their first win of 2013.