Wrestler Burroughs wins Gold


For those of who were unaware (which is probably most of you) the World Championships of wrestling took place in the last three days.  The tournament’s importance had risen dramatically as the Olympic Committee decided to re admit wrestling to the core sports for the 2020 and 2024 Olympics.  The re-admission probably carried the most significance for a wrestler by the name of Jordan Burroughs.

Burroughs has been a member of USA wrestling for the last three years, and is yet to drop a single match.  Sitting at 65-0, Burroughs had captured gold in both the 2011 World Championship and 2012 Olympics.  Going by @alliseeisgold on twitter, the former Nebraska University wrestler wrapped up possibly his most impressive performance yesterday in Budapest, Hungry.

Wrestling at 74 kilograms, the world number one ranked wrestler captured yet another world level tournament by capturing gold.  This title may be the most impressive, however, as Burroughs dominated the field on a broken left ankle.  Burroughs technical falled his way into the finals, where he won a tight 4-0 match.

The left ankle of Burroughs was broken just four weeks earlier during training, and the entire camp did a magnificent job keeping the news under wraps.  Burroughs underwent surgery just a day after the injury and had 5 screws and a plate inserted into the break.  Burroughs accomplishments just keep coming and with his dominant performance this past week there is not any reason to doubt Burroughs seeing gold for the rest of his wrestling career.