US qualify for World Cup


Last night was another major step for the United States of America’s Men’s National Soccer team as they defeated Mexico 2-0.  Just a few days earlier, the US had lost a difficult 3-1 game to Costa Rica in which the team watched as Michael Bradley sprained his ankle along with numerous yellow cards that subsequently lead to suspension for yesterday’s game.

The US entered last night hoping to clinch one of the top three spots in the CONCACAF, which automatically qualifies the country for the World Cup in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  The team took on a Mexico team that had struggled in the qualification round, and was hoping to salvage their qualifying hopes.  Mexico came out firing in the early minutes, leading to numerous scoring opportunities.  Each chance was continuously stymied by veteran goaltender Tim Howard, who played an exceptional game.  The US turned it on in the second half controlling possession, and receiving several corner kicks.  In the 49th minute, Team USA and Eddie Johnson took advantage of the corner kick, and buried a header off of the beautiful set piece.  The US continued to attack, and finally broke through again in the 78th minute as veteran Landon Donovan converted a low cross.  The win and a Honduras tie allowed the USA to clinch a berth in the FIFA World Come that will take place in August 2014.  The win was yet another memorable under the Jurgen Klinsmenn regime, and will provide the country with momentum heading into the months leading up to the tournament.