Wrestling back in Olympics


In the Washington D.C. area, the sport of wrestling goes rather unnoticed by many sports fans.  What people do not realize is the extent to which the sport has grown throughout the entire state of Maryland.  Yesterday, wrestling was brought to the forefront of sports fans’ mind as the sport of wrestling has been voted back into 2020 and 2024 Olympic games.

Wrestling was originally put on the chopping block months ago due to the lack of exposure, revenue, and interest in the inner circle of the Olympics.  The Olympic committee sent a jolt through the wrestling community with their initial decision, and it was then, action was taken.

Movements throughout the world were made to “save Olympic wrestling” and after Sunday’s decision, it will be seen as a success. The sport still has many improvements to make in order to save its Olympic status in the games to come, but wrestling fans may take a sigh of relief after the latest developments.  Most current wrestlers took to twitter Sunday expressing just how excited they were to have their sport remain in the Olympic games.  The Olympics are the pinnacle of the sport and salvaged the dream for millions of kids world wide.