Portis Sues NFL


In recent years, the topic of concussions has become a reoccurring problem throughout sports.  As more scientific evidence becomes unveiled, players have begun to understand the severity of the punishment they put on their bodies, specifically their heads.  One of the major moments that sparked the concussion controversy was the suicide of Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau.  Seau’s family filed a lawsuit against the NFL after tests proved that Seau suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy caused by numerous hits during his career.  The death of Seau sparked a chain reaction of lawsuits filed by former NFL players.

Currently, there are eighty-one former NFL players that have sued the NFL for their treatment of concussions.  You can now add former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis to that long list.  Clinton, among others, claim that they suffer from long-term brain injuries that occurred throughout their careers.  Also, they believe that NFL withheld the severity of concussions as well as other information.   Specifically, Portis decided that it was necessary the NFL be punished from the lack of treatment for his concussions.  Clinton believes that over the course of his career he suffered about 10 concussions.  Recently, the concussions have began to become a problem as Clinton said “This not personal it’s protection for the future.”   As more famous players, such as Portis, join the lawsuit it may begin a snowball effect and the NFL is in for trouble as more information comes to light.