Harrington signs; says Wizards “definitely going to make playoffs.”


Power Forward Al Harrington came to terms with the Washington Wizards today after brief talks.  The former Pacers and Hawks star signed a one-year deal with the Wizards at the veteran’s minimum of 1.4 million.  Al should be a great addition for a team that’s in desperate need of a big man who can stretch the floor.   The star texted point guard John Wall this past Saturday making his intentions clear that he wanted to play for the Zards.

Harrington spent last season with the Orlando Magic and seemed a bit out of place after battling back from knee surgery and staph infection.  Harrington, 33, was quoted as saying Washington “is definitely going to make the playoffs” and he expressed just how happy he is to be playing for something again after a year stint in Orlando.   Harrington’s quote has caught the attention of many in the Washington area after the team’s five year hiatus from the post season.  Harrington’s point of view shouldn’t be completely discredited, as he has a career average of 13.7 points per game, but had his least productive season a year ago scoring just 5.1 per contest in only 10 games.  Al said he is 100 percent and should be an integral part of a rising Washington Wizards ball club.