Summer Nights


Jan Vesely is one of many looking to make a statement in Las Vegas

Through the first few games of the NBA’s Summer league, The Washington Wizards two major story lines entering the season have already had a share of ups and downs.  Although it may not being showing up on the scoreboard the Wizards have learned a lot about the cast of charters they will have for the 2013-14 season.

The Zards have tested third overall pick Otto Porter Jr. at shooting guard in an attempt to test his versatility.  So far, Porter Jr., however, has looked very mediocre.  He has played only seven minutes in the last two games due to a hamstring injury and before that he had severely struggled with his jump shot making only 7 of 26 shots from the field.  On the other hand, Jan Vesely has looked sharp so far.  He has been able to run the floor and do things he could not so far in his career.  Many have already written Vesely off, but he has showed he can contribute on the offense and defensive ends by doing the little things.

The Wizards young team will continue to have growing pains especially Vesely and Porter Jr. but only time will tell if this Washington team is ready to make a comeback to the NBA postseason.