Wall/Wizards begin Contract Negotiations


Late Monday evening, news was released from within the Washington Wizards organization that they had begun talks with star Point Guard John Wall.  Since Wall was selected first overall in 2010, he has been recognized as the face of the franchise and is looking to be paid accordingly.  Although Wall has struggled at times, it is clear that Wizards need to keep Wall in D.C.  They showed last year that they are a far better team with John on the court.

The terms of the Wall’s contract, however, are a completely different story.  It has been thought that Wall will look to get the Maximum contract extension by resigning with the Wizards for approximately 13.7 million dollars a year.  The Wizards should look to bargain with Wall, as he hasn’t produced the numbers of many max contract recipients.  On top of all this, John Wall has suffered numerous injuries throughout his short career and the Zards may look to air on the side of caution and attempt to pay him less.  Of late, many stars have taken substantially less money in order to allow their respective franchise to build around a competitive team to win championships.  The goal of the franchise is to secure John Wall for the future by October 30th, but look for Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld to sign Wall quickly as he did the three free-agent acquisitions this summer.

John Wall (Above) will be the center of attention as the Wizards enter training camp