Bryce Harper falls just short in Derby debut


Going, Going, Goneeeee.  These three words were said 23 times during Bryce Harper’s Home Run Derby debut Monday night.  Harper entered the contest as a substantial underdog as he faced off against stiff competition in Home Run leader Chris Davis and 2-time Derby champ Prince fielder. It was Yoenis Cespedes,of the Oakland Athletics, however, who squared off against Harper as the two entered the final round.

Harper like everything he does hit the ball fast as Chris Berman marveled at the speed of which the ball zoomed out of the park.  After the dust settled, Harper fell just short of becoming the youngest Home Run Derby champion falling to Cespedes 9-8 in the championship. Yoenis stole the show as he led the competition after two rounds.  It was Harper’s endurance and consistency that paced him to the finals.  Cespedes power proved to be too much, however, as he surpassed Bryce’s total with five outs remaining.  Tonight, Bryce proved once again that he can hang with the best hitters the MLB has to offer.

Watch Bryce once again take center stage as he bats ninth and plays right field as the National League All-Stars look to take home field advantage tomorrow night at 8:00 P.M. on Fox.