Wall to train with "The Glove"

An interesting move out of Washington, Monday, as newly re-signed point guard John Wall has decided to spend the rest of the summer training with former Seattle SuperSonic great Gary Payton.

“The Glove” was a top point guard in the 90’s and like Wall struggled throughout his first three seasons.  Wall, who has been heavily criticized for his shooting in the past, will look for guidance from Payton on the offensive end.  Gary was one of the best guards of his generation while lacking an elite jumper.  “The Golve” should be able to provide Wall with the necessary skills to score in a variety of ways.  Primarily the pair will work on John’s footwork and shooting although I’m sure Payton will have some tips for his defense as well.  Previously, Payton has worked with the likes of Tony Parker and Mike Conley both elite-level point guards.  Now having finished contract talks, Wall will look to have his best statistical improvement heading into his fourth season and without a doubt Gary Payton will be a major part of that success.


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