Andruw Jones scores one of the Netherlands' five runs in Saturday's 5-0 defeat over favored Korea. Mandatory Credit - Wally Santana, AP

Roger Bernadina Drives In Two In Netherlands' 5-0 WBC Victory Over Korea

Terry from was kind enough to recap today’s World Baseball Classic action for the Netherlands and baseball’s favorite fish (with the exception of maybe Mike Trout).

While MLB is focusing on Spring Training and prepping for the regular season, the rest of the baseball world is focusing on the World Baseball Classic.  Since baseball’s departure from the Olympics, the WBC is the only real measure for the worlds nation’s to display their dominance.  For MLB fans, the WBC is an early opportunity to root for your favorite team’s players.  The Washington Nationals have three players in the WBC, Ross Detwiler (USA), Gio Gonzalez (USA), and Roger “The Shark” Bernadina (Netherlands).

Sure, we could follow all three players, but as The Shark’s biggest fans (we nicknamed him the Shark, hung out with him a few times, got called his biggest fans on, and went on record in the Supreme Court claiming that title), we’re going to focus only on Bernadina and let you follow Team USA yourself.
In what is widely considered an upset, the Netherlands national team defeated Korea 5-0 to kick off the WBC.  The Shark played an important role in the victory, contributing 2 RBIs from the 3-spot in the lineup. After reaching on an error, then bunting out, Bernadina provided an RBI groundout in the 5th to increase the Netherlands lead to 2-0.  Then, in the 7th, he provided the finishing blows by doubling home Andrelton Simmons (who??), then later scoring to put the final stamp on the win.
We, at Sharkadina, expect to see a lot more of these Shark attacks during the WBC and believe that he’ll carry his dominance into the regular season.  As guest bloggers for All Over the Hill, we’ll be keeping you updated on the Shark’s feeding frenzy (also known as the World Baseball Classic).  If you want to see our artistic rendition of today’s game, check out

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